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David Twyerould

  • Director and Managing Consultant David Twyerould has over 35 years in management and organisational development roles
  • He has both deep and broad experience in Organisational Development, Human Resources, Business management, Leadership development, Learning and Knowledge, Culture/Organisational Change, Project Management and Continuous Improvement
  • David has worked internationally and has consulted across a number of industries including state and local governments, banking, retail, mining and transport industries
  • David is known for his passion for enabling people, teams and organisations to be the best they can be – through empowering and equipping them with the skills, knowledge, tools they need

Daniel Twyerould

  • Associate Consultant Daniel Twyerould has held a number of senior leadership positions in not for profit organisations overseeing strategic planning, community events and training and has been instrumental in supporting, coaching and troubleshooting leadership and staffing issues
  • An experienced and much in demand public speaker, Daniel has spoken to audiences up to 800 people across 5 continents
  • He has facilitated and directed multiple training programs internationally, reaching 100s of students with experience in course development and customisation for specific client situations
  • Previously Daniel has been the senior project manager for building development with responsibility for redevelopment across a number of sites, and for managing the maintenance across over $2M in property and assets

Genesis Solutions Associates

Anna Lee

  • Anna Lee has over 15 years in management and organisational development roles
  • She has both vast experience across a number of sectors including Not for Profit, Community Development and Engagement, Retail and the Employment spheres.
  • Anna has built strong relationships with local government, peak bodies and community networks as well as the private sector to foster and encourage positive relationships and outcomes.
  • Anna is known for her positive outlook and engages people, teams and organisations to nurture, enable and encourage people through creative expressions and programs. Anna is constantly inspired when people’s creativity and convictions align

Genesis Solutions works with other independent consultants that have specific knowledge in areas of Project Management, Organisation Development, Business Management and Learning and Knowledge and will draw up on these as needed.